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Latest from the Blog

The Great Sock Debacle

As a little girl, I used to love knee-high socks. I used to have them in every imaginable color. Now I don’t really know why I was so obsessed with knee-highs … perhaps it was because I had cold shins. I know that sounds weird but I can’t even begin to tell you how many…

The Looking Glass

Have you ever held an antique camera in your hand and thought about all the places that camera has been? Thought about all the pictures that camera has taken? What about a vintage book? Have you ever thumbed through its yellowed, dog-eared pages and thought about all the souls its passages have stirred? I wonder.…

My Collection Addiction

I was born with an overly enthusiastic “collecting gene.” I have repeatedly implored my doctor to remove such from my DNA but apparently it is rather difficult to pinpoint. Over the years I have collected everything from books and Barbie dolls to Coca-Cola memorabilia and antique cameras. Now don’t go calling me a hoarder because…

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