I was born with an overly enthusiastic “collecting gene.” I have repeatedly implored my doctor to remove such from my DNA but apparently it is rather difficult to pinpoint.

Over the years I have collected everything from books and Barbie dolls to Coca-Cola memorabilia and antique cameras. Now don’t go calling me a hoarder because I’m not. Hoarders tend to buy anything and everything – that they absolutely DO NOT NEED – and then proceed to unceremoniously dump such wherever they can find a square inch of space in an overly crowded and ghastly unorganized room.

And me – well I ABSOLUTELY NEED 537 books, 72 Barbie dolls, 142 pieces of Coca-Cola memorabilia and 56 antique cameras.

Or at least I did at the time I was collecting such.

And – lest you still not be convinced that I am not a hoarder – let me add that I have gone to great lengths to organize and display such over the years. Many a shelf, hutch and curio cabinet has been employed in my home.

But those displays come and go; I buy … enjoy for awhile … and then I sell. Mostly on eBay. Or at least I used to sell on eBay. Nowadays I’m too lazy to list and ship so I tend to just give stuff away. Not nearly as cost effective.

My current obsession – other than my closets stuffed full with holiday décor – is Rae Dunn pottery. I just can not get enough of those adorable coffee mugs with cute little sayings on them. Mugs that say “THINK” or “CREATE” or “EXPLORE.” Or mugs that say “GOAL DIGGER” or “BEE KIND.”

That’s just inspirational AND cute. And who doesn’t need more of that?

Which led me to also collecting the dinnerware … the canisters … the bath ware … the baskets.

Good Lord, I need to stop.

Except that I can’t. I just came across a gourd shaped coffee mug with the words “OH MY GOURD” on it.

Click. Add to cart.